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This book 100% changed my life! ...I never did internet marketing before this, and I had to learn everything from scratch. The support was vital to my success. In my best month, I cleared over USD$143,000.

Joe Kennedy

Entrepreneur, London, UK

This is a really interesting read- not complex , straight forward honest - real world advice that we can all use. This book is full of great real world advice that can help any Salesperson, Business Person or Marketer achieve solid results. Jimmy has a writing style that is easy to follow and seems to speak directly to you with real world experience , the book has a plethora common sense and time tested advice, techniques and things to do , to not only gain more customers, but to build your business and build expand your bottom line profits - how to gain new customers and more importantly how to service and keep them. This is a must read and re-read and put into practice for anyone that is truly serious about getting more customers and making more money - an instant classic

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